5 web design trends of 2021

5 web design trends of 2021 to take a look

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5 web design trends of 2021 to take a look

Web design plays an incredibly crucial part in determining the performance of a website. If your website is neatly distributed, follows trendy design trends, you can guarantee good users’ experience.

Web design trends have changed rapidly in recent years, with some things disappearing for a while and then making a gradual comeback. Take a look at these 5 modern web design trends of 2021 we have gathered to have some groovy ideas for your website. 

Web design trend #1: Scrolling transformation

Scrolling is one of the subtlest forms of interaction. When users scroll, they are doing more than just navigating the page: they’re interacting. Interaction is a form of participation that can attract users’ engagement toward your website.

With every flick user do over the mouse, the business can receive a response on the screen. Therefore, by adopting scrolling transformation into your web design, websites have become more interactive and accessible lately.

In 2021, this ongoing trend continues standing out with the evolution of Horizontal Scrolling, Scroll Animations, and Scrollytelling.

Those changes allow users to have more intriguing experiences but collect key information from websites.

You can make use of scroll motion to zoom in on a large image to show more relevant details of the image at a bigger size, or you can also use it as a clear cue that acts as a link slowly sliding you over to the featured works on click.

The scroll motion should be well-paced and not too long, letting the featured images shine and accompanying the relevant content.  

Web design trend #2: 3D visual

The growth of advanced technology has made 3D visuals become more mainstream and applicable to everyone. Thanks to the advancement of 3D-friendly inventions such as Figma, or Adobe Dimensions CC, 3D technology has thrived rapidly in subsequent years. 

3D technology is used to create illustrations and interactive content in both static and dynamic forms. It helps businesses to simulate products for further reference, so customers can know and see how their products really look in real life. In addition to rendering them more responsive, this future technology motivates user participation in websites.

This web design trend can be super helpful if you are an e-commerce business, or a business selling fashion-related items.

Web design trend #3: Minimalism

No matter how the common trends change, minimalism will never go out of style! In web design, minimalism gives users a more peaceful and simpler lifestyle.

By adopting minimal design, your website can reflect minimalism and offer the user a soothing and enjoyable experience. 

The main concept of minimalism is reducing unnecessary details, make sure your web outlook is simple. This minimalist style can also be expanded to other colours but adheres to several certain design principles such as user-friendly interface, the maximum 3-colour layout, or the omission of excessive details (shadows, textures, or colour transitions).

Web design trend #4: Parallax scroll animation

Parallax has been a trend in web design recently and is predicted to bloom significantly in 2021.

Parallax is the optical illusion that happens when objects near to the viewer appear to move faster than objects farther away. In general, this technique produces an optical illusion about the distance of 2D or 3D scenes. 

Apart from traditional techniques including micro animations, parallax effects have glowingly appeared as a vague concept. Interesting as it looks, you have to be careful while using this effect in your design to avoid disturbing users’ experiences.

Too much movement in parallax effects can be harmful to people with vestibular disorders because the illusion of depth and movement can cause disorientation and dizziness. 

Some keynote to keep in mind in order to ensure you incorporate parallax minimally without causing harm:  

  • Don’t let parallax effects distract from the important information
  • Don’t make it harder for the user to complete an important task
  • Keep the number of parallax effects to a minimum
  • Minimize the amount of parallax movement within each instance
  • Constraining parallax effects within a small area of the screen
  • Include an option for users to turn off parallax effects

In short, parallax scroll should be used subtly in web design, not for flashy effect but as a tool to emphasize or highlight important bits of content.

Web design trend #5: Gradient colour

Gradient is an old designing trend that is going to come back strongly this year. It is eye-catching and memorable because they’re colourful and playful to look at. Gradient themes have gained popularity and become a new inspiration among web designers.

The trend adds more intrigues and visual synergy by creating immersive overlays or backgrounds and building textures for illustrations. 

Gradient web designs might go with bold typography to emphasize the major content of websites. A gradual blending from a colour to white or black (and playing with opacity) can mimic distance from or proximity to a light source.

Being said, gradients are more faithful to the real world because real life isn’t made of flat colours. To make full use of this technique, make sure:

  • Don’t overdo it
  • Avoid conflicting colours
  • Decide on the light source
  • Work with opacity
  • Know what colour works well with each other


Those are the top 5 most popular web design trends of 2021. So if you are planning on launching your website this year, make sure that you take a peek and adapt some cool features we’ve mentioned above.

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