An overview of mobile app development

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An overview of mobile app development

What is mobile app development?

It’s simply meant by how it’s named under the term “mobile”: A process of creating a specific software app that is active on a mobile phone and compatible with connecting to other sources of digital devices.

What are the benefits of mobile app development?

The number of such is probably tremendous, but we’re only going to look at some highlights of what this digitalized process can bring to a business.


  • Being customized to match personal requirements.

Nothing better than a product of your choice. A custom mobile app made to meet only your specific demands is the number one option for every business. Since you might only work in a particular area, it’s best to scale down the range of technical functions and start hitting hard what you are best at.

  • Increasing profit

Talking about having a custom mobile app for your business happens to bring to your customers the same satisfaction as you. Now they will have more options to function their shopping experience or enjoy picking up a movie right off their phone screen without sitting up and activating their computer. Giving your customers an enjoyable and convenient moment means giving them a reason to use your services. This exactly what you have to do to not only attract but retain your customers.

  • Upgrading productivity

Having a custom mobile app to control the workflow of the entire system, no matter the scale it is certainly worth considering. Work order put as to how you want it to be will match your expectation, making everything united and stably controllable.

Not having a customized tool to manage your workforce would be a mistake you don’t want to commit.

All those 3 are enough to consider hiring a mobile app development company to do work for you don’t you think?

And that is why Techvify came to life, to offer mobile app development solutions to businesses around the world and help them make their workflow connected.

We aim to conquer customer satisfaction through our mobile app development services

From the ideation phase to reaching the ending of a product, we offer to provide mobile app development services that are ensured to satisfy your criteria, believed to be the best piece of work that is going to put your business together.


Techvify Vietnam, even though has only been in the business for a short period, successfully conquered one of the top-tier partners named under the name Viettel, making ourselves a highly-experienced mobile app development company regardless of the years we’ve been active. With whatever offer relating to e-commerce, medical, education, etc., we can pull it off smoothly as we proudly state that our young and dedicated team is ready no matter the challenge is.

Our working process


  • Setting up a target
  • We start by answering these questions
  • How do we expect it to work?
  • What problems does it solve?
  • How does it attract users?
  • How does it simplify the experience?

It’s always about defining your target in advance before jump right into work.

  • Idea formation

Before working with computers and machines, we outline what to do on paper by adding a mind map. We list down all the requirements and ideas that are useful and in contrast, making the mobile app development process easier to manage and memorize.

  • Implementing careful research

Information about previous products and how they were done are something we always need to avoid unexpected mistakes. We always take a deep look at our mobile app development process to make sure what needs to be done and what needs to be avoided. It’s all about doing research.

  • Wireframe

If we want to generate a successful mobile application, this is what we have to use for every piece of work. It’s like step 2 but more technical. Seeking the perfect stack for our working process is the main recipe for an app that works perfectly.

  • UX/UI

This is right now the phase in which you have to carefully consider each decision. UX/UI is about how everything is organized to attract users, and that’s when efficiency comes into effect with the mobile app development. Don’t forget to search for previous feedback on how people think about different types of interface design and make sure to target the exact customers of a business to come up with the best structures.

  • App building

The phase of building a mobile app is about having an accurate and crystal-clear paradigm. This lists down everything you have to be careful with such as clients’ requirements, detailed plans, and interactive scripts. Afterward, carefully consider which operation it runs on like Android or iOS.

A clear strategy for handling backend, front-end, API, etc is very important as well for the process of mobile app development. And it should also be included in the paradigm.

  • Demo testing

This cannot be skipped by any means. We test it and evaluate it as much as we could until there’s no longer be disagreement among the team.

  • Adjustments

Certain adjustments will be applied after the evaluations of the demo.

  • Final check

We always make sure to double-check even the smallest details of the product even when all the bullets on the list have been checked. We don’t expect mistakes to happen, and this is the phase that determines it all.

  • Release

We hand it to our customers and wait for the feedback!!!

With all the steps above, we look forward to gaining trust and becoming a mobile app development company of your choice. We proudly present our culture as a part of mobile app development Vietnam, believe to become one of the best mobile app development companies in the business.