My Parking App in the U.K

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My Parking App in the U.K

Customer: United Kingdom​

This app is designed as the best way to find exactly a parking where customers can follow their customized criteria. Search, find and lease thousands of affordable parking spaces from local residents & businesses across the United Kingdom. ​
Through this app, you can book over 100,000 parking spaces across the U.K as well as rent out your unused car space, driveaway or garage.



– Working with project code is huge and messy. ​
– Huge database handling​
– Using much of libraries when installing building app. ​
– App’s Performance of user experience is currently too slow.​


– Improve performance by removing unnecessary and redundant code line. ​
– Update newest version of React Native and Libraries to fix existing bugs in previous version. ​
– We used React Native to build both of iOS and Android. Usually get newest update version from React Native to improve refactoring libraries building.​


– Manage parking spaces and lease it for earning money. Find and rent parking near your location. ​
– Manage connect with devices using Bluetooth. ​
– Using and handling Mapbox APIs. ​
– Manage payment method with Stripe.​


– Web app: php Yii(mvc) ​
– Mobile: ​
• Backend: programming language: PHP, GraphQL api (framework: Laravel) ​
• Mobile: React Native

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