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How Techvify Visualize a Food Delivery App?

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How Techvify Visualize a Food Delivery App?

Food delivery app isn’t a new innovative mobile app for everyone anymore. However, during this pandemic time, it has become an imperative tool for everyone.

Quarantine has offered food delivery apps to outperform itself. It shows loads of convenient features that are incredibly helpful when people cannot go out to have meals like they used to.

Therefore, let TECHVIFY shows you how we would carry out a food delivery app for your references.

Personalize the sign-in process:

Just like any other apps, a food delivery app also requires some personal information for better recommendations.

With our Healthy Fast Food app, you can easily sign up using your emails or Facebook account. Users are only asked to fill in some basic information such as Name, DOB, Gender, etc. This information will have the app’s algorithm to suggest better options for users.

Moreover, to maximize the personal customizing process, the Healthy Fast Food app also asks about your food allergies.

By knowing what kind of food the user is allergic to, the app can give an in-time warning when the user’s order contains that food. This is an innovative feature to elevate customers’ experiences with our app.

A food delivery app with a friendly user interface:

Restaurant options will be categorized into smaller sections for easier selection such as Western Food, Asian Food, Desserts, Café, etc.

Thus, the app also offers food collections like Summer collection, Weekend collection, Healthy collection, 50% off the collection, etc. based on users’ needs.

A food delivery app with a friendly user interface
A food delivery app with a friendly user interface:

Healthy Fast Food algorithm is also able to give recommendations based on ordering history. Like if the user used to order many healthy dishes, the app will suggest restaurants specialized in Healthy food that offer good deals. By doing so, users will have better access to new promotions.

A food delivery app with specific details about each dish:

The main reason for the Healthy Fast Food name is that this app shows specific calorie information about each dish so users can count their everyday calorie intake.

Thus, in the Details section of every dish, users can see the main ingredients in it. With all the details this app is offering, users can control what kind of food they are consuming to have better nutrition plans for themselves.

Healthy Fast Food’s goal is to provide Fast delivery and Healthy information about each dish.

To provide a more convenient experience for both local users and foreigners, this app also requires restaurants to fill in instructions about how to eat that food. Therefore, even with unfamiliar dishes, customers will be instructed to correctly enjoy a dish.

An easy-to-use food delivery app for the best user experiences:

The ordering process is very simple. Users can search for wanted dishes on the Searching bar and a list of restaurants that have that dish will come up. Then pick the restaurant, choose dishes that you want to order, and pick your add-in options such as extra cheese, no onion, etc.

You can give further adjustments about how you want the restaurant to make your dish in the Note sections.

An easy to use food delivery app for the best user experiences
An easy to use food delivery app for the best user experiences

Healthy Fast Food is a food delivery app that offers flexible payment methods.

Users can either pay in cash, by credit cards, or by e-wallets. Rest assured that your credit card information is protected in our app. In the payment step, the app will recommend you an available promotion code that you can use for a better price.

Within only some simple clicks, you can Copy and Paste the suitable code without having to remember a lengthy and complicated chain of words.

Hence, when users have finished ordering, the app will find you a shipper and show an estimated arrival time. Like most food delivery apps, you can track the preparing process and driver’s location in this Healthy Fast Food app.

For better future service, the apps also include authentic reviews from customers about restaurants and shippers. Users can read these reviews for references when picking restaurants.

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This is how TECHVIFY Vietnam would visualize a food delivery app. Healthy Fast Food is an app that keeps all the good and convenient features of a basic food delivery app and adds some new features to upgrade user experiences.

If you have a food delivery app developing project in your mind, don’t hesitate to contact us. TECHVIFY Vietnam is an experienced mobile app development team that will commit to bringing out the best mobile app you could ever think of.