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How to promote the super app development with the offshore development center team?

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How to promote the super app development with the offshore development center team?

What is super app development?

According to Mike Lazaridis – a businessman, an investor in quantum computing technologies, and founder of BlackBerry: “A super app is a closed ecosystem of many apps that people would use every day because they offer such seamless, integrated, contextualized, and efficient experience”.

In other words, a super app is some kind of a marketplace in which services and offerings, delivered via in-house technology and through 3rd party integrations.

Let’s take Grab as a demonstrative example. It is obvious that people use Grab for many purposes in their daily life. You can book a ride, buy groceries, order food online, deliver stuff, split bills, all in one platform. By targeting every customer through one single app, super apps, like Grab, are being a cost-effective solution for business.

all you need to know about super app development
all you need to know about super app development

Other prominent examples of super apps are WeChat, Alibaba, Alipay, Line, KakaoTalk, MoMo, etc. Most of these super apps available nowadays are initially created for Chinese markets. But the trends smoothly cross the borders, spreading worldwide and becoming more and more common to people all around the world.

Therefore, super app development has been growing in popularity too. Businesses start looking for offshore development centers (ODC) which are capable of super app development. Mostly, these ODC teams usually base in Asia and Southeast Asia countries, the homeland of super apps.

Why super app development is such a trend?

So what are the secrets behind super app development’s success? The most influencing factor is that super apps are very convenient. Super apps allow users greater access to various services while saving a lot of smartphone storage.

Users no longer have to download and install tons of app for different purposes. All of those services and offerings are integrated into just one place only, and that’s a super app.

Super apps also offer lots of benefits to business owners too. Not only for various needs of the people, but super apps are also emerging as a cost-effective solution. Super app development builds a business model that is transforming people’s demands such as Food Ordering and Delivery, Taxi Booking, E-Commerce, Online Payment, Social Networking, literally everything, on just s single mobile app.

Therefore, instead of developing many apps for different purposes, businesses only need a super app for all features they are offering to their customers.

So how to make the best use of an ODC team to level up your super app development?

First, take advantage of the ODC’s ecosystem. As an ODC team, they must have done several software development projects for many clients from different fields. Cross-industry partnerships can determine the success of a super app since the whole point of a super app is integrating services.

For instance, WeChat ecosystem in China enables many apps which are built on top of their ecosystem including – China’s largest online retailer by revenues, Wal-Mart’s – longer-tail and higher-value products E-Commerce site, etc. Creating an ecosystem for your app is very crucial in developing a super app. An experienced, highly credible ODC team can totally offer you this benefit.

Second, the ODC team will have a better understanding of users’ needs and your target market. Cultural differences can be a huge obstacle for your super app development.

For example, World Bank reported that only 27% of the Asian population has a bank account. Therefore, a super app with an integrated wallet feature will be widely welcomed by this large number of Asian unbanked population. Understanding this characteristic can give businesses huge leverage over other competitors.

Hence, an ODC team can consult and give you cultural notices to enhance your competitiveness within the region.

Last but not least, it all comes down to cost optimization. There’s no denial about the cost benefits of using an ODC team for app development. Super app development solely has brought a major advantage in terms of expenses.

When combining with an ODC team, enterprises can save loads of money while gaining many benefits in return.

Therefore, hiring an ODC team to develop your super apps is a promising idea for your businesses to take into consideration.

super app development team
super app development team

In summary, super app development is an uprising trend for businesses that want to level up their game. Make sure that you are fully aware of how to promote your super apps using an ODC team for maximum benefits.

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