Offshore Development

Offshore Development Center

Have you ever heard the
term ODC?

It is a form of IT outsourcing that takes software development out of your business’ office, allowing an external source to do it. More importantly, the beauty of an offshore center is that it can be more flexible than a one-time IT outsourcing service. Especially, you can use this service for offshore software development projects. In this case, clients are mainly making use of the IT company’s programming skills agree on a long-term collaboration in which the vendor provides clients with not only software development but also further management.

Why should we use ODC model?


Cost Saving in Infrastructure

Offshoring the work will decrease direct and indirect costs such as recruitment, supervision, compensation, Infrastructure, etc.

Innovative and Quality work

According to your Business needs and requirements, you can get highly qualified professionals following the highest standards in software development.

Focus on your core business

Leaving the complex IT tasks to an outsourcing development center cut out major complications and frees up time that you can spend on more tasks for your core business.

24/7 Support

With the help of Offshore development activities, the work happens simultaneously, and the work is completed sooner with high productivity level.

Which benefits you can get
when utilizing our ODC service?

– Completely understand customer’s current business goals and long-term objective.
– Provide effective and suitable development process.
– Secure your business with private room if required.
– Talent IT developer.
– Have a good communication with Bridge Software Engineer.

The options of Methodology you can choose when collaborating with us

Engagement models

Because we based on client’s successful, we are very flexible whether it comes to setting up either a project based or long-term ODC according to client needs and demands.

Time and Materials Based

When the scope of your project is not clear, we tend to go with the T&M based model to provide you with more efficiency as we tailor the solution based on your specific requirement.

Dedicated team hiring

When you have a large project and need a team to ongoing work under your control,
a dedicated team will be there to give you a sense of comfort.

Passion for technology and digital innovation is the spark that fires up our creativity.

If there is one outstanding factor deviating us from the other best professionals, it is our endeavor and responsibility that we contribute to every step of the project.
We are pleased to assist your business from scratch to the end-to-end product. Please do not hesitate to tell us your idea.

Have an idea in your mind?